In this video, I — and several others throughout the Mortal Kombat community — share our origin story and explain how we first found out about MK and how we got sucked down the rabbit hole! Huge thanks to Heel Levitation for the idea and everyone who contributed!

Contents of this video

0:00 Intro
0:11 tabmok99
5:18 The Levitation Show
7:11 Payne Train Gaming
12:59 MK Jasper
17:13 History Behind The Warrior
20:10 The 4th Snake
25:15 Toasty Productions
34:58 Survived Kombatants
41:53 FataLKaDe
45:27 Fraysol
48:31 Uncanny Carlos
51:12 DanielWClarkDWC
56:19 MikeJones_Mad
1:05:44 PNDMustard
1:07:44 TheThiny

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you like this video, maybe I’ll do another one and invite another round of Kombatants from the Kommunity! Let me know in the komments who you’d like to see.