Imagine the possibilities from over a century of cinema like having Dracula face off against Blade or Chucky vs Annabelle or Critters vs Gremlins or The Blob vs The Thing or Frankenstein vs Lurch or Hannibal Lecter vs Buffalo Bill on top of all the slasher icons and crazy monsters that have scared generations etc

You could make it as real or as supernatural as possible, just take the backgrounds or set pieces from each film as their own stages, Jason being set on Crystal Lake, Freddy on Elm Street with the house behind, Chucky on a tower block like the first film, The Thing in an icy snowy camp location like the film, Dracula in his castle, the Wolfman in the woods, the American Werewolf set on Piccadilly Circus in London

I think you could go crazy with the locations from the movies, I would love them to do this as a full on game with officially licensed characters, themes and locations but I can see this being a literal nightmare to do so many characters it would probably cost a small fortune but if they managed to get at least 10 great characters in the first game, the profits from this would am sure lure other studios to lend out their characters and the roster just grows and adapts over time.

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