Personally speaking, I must say that out of all the ~~3D-Era~~ PS2-Era characters introduced from **’DEADLY ALLIANCE’** through to **’ARMAGEDDON’**, ホタル would be in my top-3 favorites, that I’d like to see brought back in one of the never, Netherrealm-Era games. His storyline, moves (the ‘Grasshopper Bicycle Kick’ is pretty cool), and huis overall story of fighting for order and maintenance of the established status quo is one I can actually, really relate to (maybe not ***as*** rigidly, but still, I can understand his perspective). His Alignment on the *’Good/Evil’* chart is listed as ‘Neutral’, but his intentions seem pure enough to *perhaps* edge him more on the ‘Good’ side, although it seems to be up to whatever the current ruler of The Orderrealm seems fit to be as. Hotaru is just there to keep the boat from getting rocked.

Overall, I just find Hotaru to be a cool, well-designed, well-*intentioned* character from the PS2-Era of **MORTAL KOMBAT’** games, and hope he returns, or at least plays a seminal part of any up-koming **’MK’** media-lore (games, komics, etc.)

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