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Following my second episode of Famous Cartoons on the Suicide Squad I wanted to do something else in the same vein with more animated characters. So, I decided to put a bunch of famous Disney characters, plus one Dreamworks character, and put them the realms of Mortal Kombat.

With my Marvel Kombat episodes I got a lot more familiar with the lore of MK and haven’t done much with that knowledge outside that series, so this was a great chance to stretch my legs in the MK lore again. In this episode I turn Fiona from Shrek into a Shokan mutant inspired by Goro. I turn Luca from Pixar’s newest movie on Disney+ into a Reptile like shapeshifter. I turn Elsa into a Sub Zero descendant who joins the Lin Kuei. And, finally, I turn Beast from Beauty and the Beast into a Baraka and Tarkatan inspired cursed monstrosity!

Had a lot of fun with this and I hope you all enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making! Here goes:

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