I just dont understand how do you beat some of the game’s bs and its bs characters.

Ill start with this Frost one. Dude just spammed two moves. So he just spammed projectiles and whenever i tried to do anything i got my ass handed to me by this idiotic move. How on earth do i counter that abuse?



Then i was matched with this Jax. And i just dont understand how to counter Jax overall, character has no unsafe moves that are minus on block and can yolo rush with anything. For real, does he has ANY moves that are unsafe?



After that i was matched with this Kung Lao spammer. So Kung Lao is one of the scummiest characters in the game already but this guy turned in to 11. I just dont get how devs thought that his op divekick into a full combo on top of diffirent hat spam stuff was even remotely fair. Like there is no reason for dive kick to follow opponents, there is no reason for kung laos jumps to be so good because that stuff is literally uncounterable, all you can do is just stand there and block cuz if you try to sneeze you get a full combo after that divekick connects.



And the last but not least, my favourite sort of bs and scumminess – Noob Saibot. Every single Noob Saibot i meet in the game does the same thing. Just spams projectiles and blocks till you come into sickle range. Thats ALL they do. That’s like scorpion level of bs spam. What can i even do to counter that bs? I cant see a single thing that counters that and i wonder if im not alone on this one.



All in all KL has been so bad for me. 90% of the games i play are against some sort of smartass spammer and that stuff is infuriating. There should be some kind of diminishing returns mechanic for spammers. For example if you just 5 times in a row or use a certain move 5 times in a row your damage is reduced and damage you recieve is increased, then its another reduce\increase if you do it 10 times in a row etc. until your enemy can oneshot you.

That would be a nice noob friendly mechanic that wont let spammers win all the time and noobs will actually have a chance to win against spammers

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