Hi. I consider myself rather new to this game but I am the the point where i have a chance to beat the test your luck towers. so for the last 4 days I’ve done nothing else than summon them, check the 4 boss towers, play the first one to get the lucky key back and do it all again.

I don’t have the exact number but i’m well over 100 towers by now. And although the text states that bosses are randomized I can hardly believe it at this point. the most bosses i’ve seen so far are the Blade and Briggs family members (especially Sonya popping up in 5 towers during my last 4 keys). Cetrion, Kano and Rambo on the other hand haven’t popped up even once. Not gonna lie, by this time it is getting quite boring.

So my question is: Am I doing something wrong here? If yes every help is much appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

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