tbh i was so hype for the game when it first dropped especially with how good mkx was. after playing it for its whole span and it’s official announcement of it being over i’m honestly glad it is. this was probably one of the worst nrs creations to the fan base period. playing the game the whole time with the hope that it will get better is not how i would want anyone to enjoy the game. from the roster, to the way the dlc worked to the gameplay issues to breakaways never being fixed this game you can tell that nrs just didn’t care and only worked to make the game looks well polished . as a long time fan i really hope that nrs really thinks long and hard about what to improve and implement into the next mk game because as rough as it’s been for this game it probably will be the first mk game in my generation that i don’t preorder because of how they treated the people that paid extra for content we expected

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