so when i want to use the controller to browse the menus, it is very very janky, like B is A, X is B, A is B. now, i’ve had this problem for a while with a lot of other games, but i wanted to see if it would work in MK X, and it works flawlessly in a fight.

i’ve tried using the controller in tekken 7 too, and the game reads 2 different inputs (from the same controller), one being Xbox One Controller, and the other being HID-compliant something device, which makes sense, given the behaviour of other games as well.

Steam reads it as only one controller and nothing else and it looks like it would work well, but it doens’t.

I’ve looked at the drivers in my computer and uninstalled all the hid compliant device things, and also some xbox drivers so they would reinstall themselves, but it hasn’t worked

Did anyone have this before and if so, what can i do to get rid of this?

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