ADVISORY: I suck I’m not super good at mk I have a 50/50 1000 match record and I can’t do any above 30 percent combo on any character so take my opinion with as much gravitoss as a thimble

In the last 10 years every huge series in fighting games has a ultimate power move that’s one button usually one hit and does around 30 percent a health bar.soul caliber,street fighter tekken and of course our beloved mk.i have a major problem with this trope of game design of fighting games because I feel its not bullshit but I feel its in creative not fun in the grand scheme of things and I have a few reasons why

1. IF I SEE SCORPIANS FATAL BLOW ONE MORE TIME IM GONNA KILL SOMEONE:a fatal blow takes around 13 seconds and although I respect the artists who made the animation I can say I’ve seen it for more then 30 hours of my life and it’s boring.completely isolated I hate how fatal blows stop the game for 13 seconds and I don’t have anything to do with my hands it makes me sometimes lose place of where I was and makes me mess up.that could be in the design but I just don’t like it and it feels like a cheap pop for a tournament to have a bunch of nerds go OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


first off the fact everybody has a different fatal blow does stop it from being the most blockable thing on the planet at the same time but I feel some fatal blows have a design combined with some charecters are annoying
Example:imagine fighting the zoning 3 moves of doom noob saibot and you are at a health disadvantage so you as a johhny cage throw a green for ball but whoops noob did his fatal blow and you lose.okay now he doesn’t have it next round that’s okay except that was his second round cause it took you a round to figure out how to beat his strategy.fatalblows aren’t even great bringing the underdog back as the guy on top can just pop his and end it quick because although the fatal blow is unlocked at low health if you used your fatal blow to get the other guy to his fatal blow congrats you now have a target with a decent amount of a health and a fatal blow which can delete you from the earth.

3: if they weren’t there I could more easily be mad at my self and constipated cbt.

If these super moves weren’t in every fighting game would it crumble the industry.tekken doesn’t need the super x move and mk doesn’t need the fatal blow I feel they just make it less fun for me personally and I would much like it if it was gone from at a few main franchises I love and that would only leave me to hate the netherealm era ,writing the gore which is just boring at this point ,the fact people only play SCORPIAn or joker and everything else I hate about this game a play for hours

Thank you for reading I hope you have a very good day no hate to any dissenting opinion,I’m just a little pissed cause this was spurred by a paticualry close match I had today.if you have a different opinion be free to comment just be civil.PEACE

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