Episode 8: Channel your inner Ninja! This week we add some Tasty Double Bass to the classic Mortal Kombat Theme! SO! Did it need Double Bass?? Let me know in the comments below!
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In this series you will find me, myself and my complex mind of memes, drumming, metal improv, jokes and next to no sleep take unsuspecting songs and add some tasteful DOUBLE BASS behind them. Why? … More like Why Not! … am I right?

This video was insane to edit. Literally so much happening. I green screened myself into the game… which was green screened into the cover!

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As always, THANK YOU so much for checking it out!
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Snare: 14×5.5
Bass: 22×20
Cymbals: Left to Right
Sabian – 19″ Paragon China
Sabian – 18″ HHX Xtreme Crash
Sabian – 14″ HHX Stage Hats
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Pedals: DW9000
Mics: Pyle Pro PDKM-7 & Shure SM58 (Snare) & Beta52 (Bass)
Mic Cables: Yorkville and Amazon!
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