Hey guys!

Welcome to another what the hell video!
In todays instalment we will actually be talking about a fan favourite duo of the series, a sub boss that many may have In fact forgotten to time itself, the tag team duo of the 3D era, Noob-Smoke!

Now since we are covering two different characters, we will be talking about , how did noob smoke come to be? what ties this deadly duo together? whats are theirs origins, and what Impace did this team In fact have on the two moving fowards!

So we will talk about their similarities, how their paths divide and ultimately what became of these characters 17 years after their debut!

I hope you all enjoy this one as these are honestly sooooooo much fun to make! I have plenty more on the way with the next episode revolving around Erron Black, his history, story and his creation!
As theirs alot about the character that many of you may not in fact know!

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