MKX is actually really amazing.

X was MK on steroids and was the peak of the insanity that the gameplay of MK has reached so far

Except the various broken states of MK9

Why was it so great? Complexity. X is the most complex MK game to date

•We got to see our favorite characters have abilities that we would only see on some extended universe lore shit. Ex. Liu Kang does some yin and yang stuff in his ‘Dualist’ variation.
And it has great attention to detail. EX. Liu Kangs fireballs change to dragons in his ‘Dragon Fire’ Variation


•Beyond asthetics the actual applications of what you can choose to do with your 3 bars of meter is wayyy more free than 11. If you had the skill to pull of insane cancels and other insane combos you were rewarded.

•The game introduced likely the best new characters in the entire trilogy.

•The set variation system molds well and is arguably superior to the move pool system as the variation system feels like it gives 3 distinct characters opposed to 1 with many moves

Here’s why I understand MKX receives some criticism

• The armor was too broken. If your character didn’t have good armored wakeup the likely were dead in the water.

•The graphics are easily some of the worst in the series. Seemingly worse than 9 sometimes

•Story was hot garbage and forgettable

•Gameplay could feel oppressive against a good opponent sometimes

• suffered from broken and unbalanced characters

9/10 game

We need more players to hop back on. PSA to reinstall

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