I was just looking at the kombat kard icons and there is a crap load that says in the krypt.

Of course I have fully emptied the krypt multiple times, all heads, all areas etc and of course it is RNG.

I have spent millions unlocking skins at the shrine. I just went to the shrine now and spent loads and all I get was konsumables, forge recipe items, augments and I randomly got one of lui kang god skins at 100k after that trash. I spent 20,25,50,70,75 and 100ks Apart from that 1 skin it was all trash

So where are all these kombat kard stuff?

Could they possibly be tied to the forge?

Do we have a more up to date recipe list than this: [https://www.reddit.com/r/MortalKombat/comments/bk6oxq/krypt_forge_recipes_gear_konsumables/](https://www.reddit.com/r/MortalKombat/comments/bk6oxq/krypt_forge_recipes_gear_konsumables/)

Anyone have a clue where all these kombat kards are? My assumption was the shrine but I am getting nothing from it.

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