In all fairness, MK doesn’t always get it right. The Sindel retcon is the first thing which comes to mind. And sure the story has it’s share of plotholes. But no one plays it expecting a story on par with The Last of Us or Bioshock. You just want to have fun playing it, which is what the story does. Sure, it would’ve been nice to incorporate Dark Raiden as the story’s antagonist, but I found Kronika to be a fun new villain, I liked how the story made sure to include the motivations of each character and I just had fun watching it.

My issue is with the critics who will seemingly never be satisfied with anything MK does now and always find something to criticize, even if they’re well intentioned. A good example for me, which saddens me to say as I was a fan of him, is The4thSnake. He argued how MK games need to include more rounds where we play as the villain to ramp up the threat factor of the antagonist. I completely agree with this and think it’s something they should definitely do in all of Netherrealm’s games. I think it would have been interesting to have us play as evil Superman in Injustice 1 or as Gorilla Grodd and Brainiac in Injustice 2 or Quan Chi in MKX. So MK Aftermath did that in their story mode by having the villains defeat multiple powerful heroes and launch a near victorious assault on everyone else. The4thSnake was still unhappy after this and continued to criticize the story without any acknowledgement of what they did right and saying how they met his criteria. I used to agree and take interest in a lot of what he would say as I found it insightful and extremely valid criticism, and sometimes I still do feel that way. The problem is, after that happened when I saw a direct criticism of The4thSnake’s addressed and he still remained unhappy, it made me question what would actually satisfy him and if he would just permanently remain disillusioned with MK and Netherrealm games.

My point is, I just think YouTubers and Netherrealm critics should be fair and consistent in criticism, but also give praise when it’s deserved

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