**Mortal Kombat 12 Roster**

Base Roster:

1. Scorpion
2. Sub Zero (Bi Han)
3. Liu Kang (Fire God)
4. Great Kung Lao
5. Raiden (Mortal)
6. Johnny Cage
7. Shang Tsung
8. Reptile
9. Kitana
10. Mileena
11. Baraka
12. Jax
13. Shao Kahn
14. Ermac
15. Nightwolf
16. Sindel
17. Rain
18. Fujin
19. Tanya
20.Quan Chi
21. Kenshi
24.Bo Rai Cho

Unplayable Boss: Onaga, Kreeik (The new titan)

Pre-order bonus: Goro


Kombat Pack 1:

1. Jade
2. Kung Lao
3. Reiko
4. D’vorah
5. Ash Williams
6. Harley Quinn

Kombat Pack 2:

1. Jax
2. Tremor
3. Cassie Cage
4. Kabal
5. Michael Myers
6. Doomslayer

Kombat Pack 3:

1. Skarlet
2. Erron Black
3. Kotal Kahn
4. Baraka
5. Pennywise
6. Nightmare

Story Plot:

After defeating Kronika, Liu Kang became the fire god. He married with Kitana, and went to the past to train Great Kung Lao. Unfortunately, Kreeik, the new titan, who was Shinnok and Cetrion’s father, and Kronika’s husband, made Shang Tsung returned and attempted to take revenge on Liu Kang. For defending all the realms, Liu Kang intends to hold the tournament. If the Earthrealm won, the Earthrealm would be safe, but if the Outworld won, the Earthrealm would be conquered forever and ever.


In the opening scene, Liu Kang and Kitana were having sex in the bedroom, and without clothes (since both of them were naked during having sex with each other)

Raiden would die due to his disease in mk12 story

In Raiden’s funeral, the earthrealm warriors discussed how to combat the Outworld and the new titan

Johnny Cage would lead the Special Forces to the tournament, but he would be retired from the Special Forces, and make the reality shows after the tournament

Mileena would be betrayed by Tanya

Jax would be retired from the Special Forces, and become the farmer after the tournament

The story between Kenshi and Takeda would be explained more

Sindel and Shao Kahn would be allied, finally Sindel would turn good after Shao Kahn’s death

The rival story between Kitana and Rain would be explained, and Rain would join with Tanya at the end

Quan Chi would resurrect Bi Han as Noob Saibot at the end

Sareena would meet Bi Han again

The conflict between Chaosrealm and Orderrealm would be happened


Great Kung Lao won in the tournament, and Shao Kahn was dead, and Shang Tsung was imprisoned. However, Blaze was resurrected and returned.

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