Mortal Kombat New Era (2021) Raptor (MKP Season 2 final Patch 4) Full Gameplay
Second Channel


Raptor by Nacho and Lows 9.0

Original Sektor (Base) by MKP Team
MK3 Arcade sprites ripped by Fly
MK3 Sound rips by Le@N
Smoke and Explosion effects by PhoboSS
Compiled & updated by borg117
Original concept by MARKOSMKP
Sprites edited by Hanged Man & Lows 9.0
Jump Kick original idea from Hydro Old MKP
Neutral Air Punch idea by MARKOS
Compiled & updated by Hanged Man
Some coding taken from borg117
Render & VS by Hanged Man & Lows 9.0
Portrait by Lows 9.0
Animality idea by OMEGAPSYCHO
Sounds taken from Godzilla
Shield Grinder by Sh4d