Epic! It’s Sub-Zero vs Scorpion in an outrageously funny parody of their fight scene from the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie!! Who will win? Cast your vote!! Subscribe, enable all push notifications, share the video and comment your favorite parts to be eligible for a shoutout in the next video!!

Sub-Zero vs Scorpion Fight Scene Parody!! | Epic Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Spoof!! #Subzero #Scorpion #MortalKombat #MK #Epic #Fight #Parody #Spoof

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00:00 Sub-Zero makes his ice sword
00:14 Sub-Zero throws Scorpion through ice wall
00:25 Sub-Zero gives Scorpion constructive criticism on how to deliver the “get over here” catchphrase
01:03 Scorpion yells “GET OVER HERE” the proper way
01:13 Making Of/Bloopers
02:08 Vote on what new video we should make
02:34 Shoutouts to the most active subscribers

Jason as Sub-Zero & Scorpion: instagram.com/melf_studios

Video edited by Justin Grubb aka turbo_time_cosplay: instagram.com/turbo_time_cosplay

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