Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. Just for a quicknote : This Roster is NOT real. This Roster is a Fan-Made.

Table of Contents :
00:11 Kronika
00:21 Kintaro
00:38 Kratos (younger version) God of War (PlayStation Exclusive)
00:55 Goro
01:04 Kratos (older version) God of War (PlayStation Exclusive)
01:24 Motaro
01:31 Marcus Fenix – Gears of War (XBox Exclusive)
01:52 Samus Aran – Metrioid (Nintendo Exclusive)
02:00 Onaga
02:24 Harley Quinn (DC Universe)
02:35 the Krypt Guy – Descendant of Apep
02:48 Li Mei
02:55 Ash William – Evil Dead
03:22 Ashrah
03:35 Michael Myers
03:51 GhostFace – Scream
03:59 Quan Chi
04:07 PinHead – HellRaiser
04:08 Nitara
04:18 DeathStroke – DC Universe
04:36 DeadPool – Marvel Universe
04:41 Jason Voorhees – (guest DLC from MKX)
04:44 PennyWise – the Dancing Clown
05:05 Freddy Krueger
05:51 Reptile
05:55 Hydro
06:02 Sektor
06:22 Cyrax
07:07 Cyber SubZero
07:18 Kai
07:27 Predator (guest DLC from MKX)
07:37 Alien (guest DLC from MKX)
07:46 LeatherFace (guest DLC from MKX)
07:55 Ferra / Torr
08:01 the Mask – The Mask
08:12 Kobra
08:53 Kung Jin
08:57 Reiko
09:03 Blade – a Vampire Hunter (Marvel Universe)
09:18 Black Lightning – Jefferson Pierce (DC Universe)
09:28 Doom Guy – Doom
09:29 Khameleon
09:38 Darkseid (DC Universe)
09:49 Ares (Injustice)
09:58 Kenshi
10:08 Doom Slayer – Doom Eternal
10:18 Kira
10:42 Chameleon
11:04 Drahmin
11:29 Taven
11:43 Blaze
12:21 Daegon
12:46 Eyedol – Killer Instinct
12:56 Iori Yagami (King of Fighters)
13:18 Tanya
13:45 Stryker
13:50 Havik
13:55 Takeda
14:05 Smoke
14:15 Ermac
14:25 Sareena
14:29 Darrius
14:36 Darth Vader (Star Wars)
14:51 Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors)
15:11 Xena – the Warrior Princess
15:44 Hercules – Son of Zeus (the Legendary Journeys)
16:07 Kratos (again?)

(Credits coming soon)

Note :
The 1st Kratos (younger version) is Variation 1 Skin, and the 2nd Kratos (older version) is Variation 2 Skin. Kratos is PlayStation Exclusive, Marcus Fenix is XBox Exclusive, and Samus Aran is Nintendo Exclusive. Kratos and Freddy Krueger are already used on MK9 as Guest DLC. Predator, Alien, and LeatherFace are already used on MKX as Guest DLC. So those DLCs are not possible to appear again in Mortal Kombat. It would be so cool to see them again, but i’m afraid it’s not gonna happen.

DeadPool and Blade (a Vampire Hunter) are from Marvel Universe. Neather Realm won’t be accepting any Marvel characters as a Guest DLC for MK. Again, i chose to have them on this Roster because it’s a request from a Fans. You guys helped me complete this Roster. I couldn’t have complete it without you guys’ help. And i love how the Announce called their name “DeadPool” and “Blade”. And them two are my favorite Marvel character. Eventhough they couldn’t make it to the MK Roster.

The older version of this video is still here :
But i recommend you stay and watch this instead, because of bigger Roster and much more selection of Characters.

Outro :
There are 37 Original Characters so far, and 65 DLCs. (Wishlist DLCs). Which DLCs is your favorite??? Or which DLCs you would like to see in the upcoming Kombat Pack(s)??? Pick 5. Feel free to share your thought in the “Comment” below.

We notice there are 5 character slots available in the Real Roster, if the Roster were to realign just a bit to form a perfect square. We don’t know yet if the developer plan to have 5 or more available character slots or what. But for now there are only 5 available. Kombat Pack 3 gonna take up all 5 slots or just 3 slots, we don’t know yet.

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