We finally saw the Mortal Kombat movie and are giving you our 60 second review each. (one from Ken and one from Bethany) We’ve done all the most recent fatalities. Now the community is wanting some more X-rays after seeing our Mortal Kombat 9 reaction to fatalities and x-rays. Hope you enjoy our Mortal Kombat 10 all x-rays reaction. For more of our MK reactions check out our playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzMaVaJ7UYI1EIyzi44tiTV3NKPT_LChx

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Link to original video – https://youtu.be/tB0D5J5YT0o


Intro – 0:00
Ken’s Mortal Kombat 60 second movie review – 1:17
Bethany’s Mortal Kombat 60 second movie review – 2:20
All X-rays Reaction – 4:26

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