I personaly think Ahmz doesn’t make good combo videos and tutorials for Mk11. His combos are unoptimal, and has a bunch of useless combos at the beginning to increase watch-time. You would almost never want to use these in a real match. Like his combos are like “12 ~ BF1” or “11~DB4 (Amp)” They remind me of Street fighter combos which makes sense since he is a sfv combo maker too, but in MK11, his combos just dont work or have value. I know his target audience is beginners, but that’s not a good excuse as its more important for beginners to understand the nature of MK11 combos. I know that he has some real combos at the end of the vid but like 60% of his vids are like “11~DF1” I prefer combo videos by TrueUnderDawg or Madddoggaming which selects a few optimals, and doesn’t waste your time. More than that, these YouTubers explain some stuff more in-depth to, like Maddog going into difficulties in performing the combo, and UnderDawg talking about what situation you want to use each starter. I want to know the communities thoughts on this. (And this is not a hate on Ahmz, its just discussing the real value of his combos in his videos)

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