The Pig

So it’s basically a tradition for mortal Kombat to include a slasher character ever since mortal Kombat 9s inclusion of Freddy Krueger, in mk X we got Jason, predator, Leatherface, alien.

So what representative have they not included yet?
Saw. Now obviously John kramer just wouldn’t work,, he’s old and never throws a single punch. So I think the best course of action would be to take it from Dead by daylights version of the character.

Basic attacks:

I think for her punch hits she could use her hidden wrist blade in quick strikes and jabs.

For heavier attacks I think she could throw in a strong forward facing “bigboot” like the move we have with the terminator in mk 11.

Over all I think she’d have alot of slash type attacks and a few kicks, she’s not gonna be doing flips. I immagine she’ll be stronger on the ground like jason was from mk X

Special attacks:

To get the obvious ones out if the way, I think pigs specials would be trap based, she could set up saw blades that the opponent would need to jump over, shotgun tripwires, flamethrower traps, her main gimmick would be filling the map with hazards.

These traps could be the majority of her brutalities as well.

Some other specials could be syringes (since Amanda was a drug addict), that would invert controls, poison the opponent, or fall slower for a set amount of time

And how could we forget, billy pupets. I feel like these could be used similarly to jokers lunatics he throws at the opponents, either sent on a tricycle exploding on impact, thrown at the opponent, or hung by the neck as a trap for jumping.

Fatalities/ Supers:

For her super move I think it should start with her injecting the opponent, the Opponent wakes up in a game (think jokers super from injustice) saw blades hit them from all sides. They are then lifted up in the air by the neck with chain. Finally a nail bomb is revealed on a table and with an explosion it sends nails flying into the opponent.

The super happens in qucik succession, the saws taking 5 seconds, the hanging happening fast at 2-3 seconds and the nail bomb finish at 6 adding the syringe injection and blackout the super would only take around 15 seconds

The fatalities.

The first fatality has to be the reverse bear trap, it’s the most iconic of all the Saw traps. It’s brutal enough for mortal Kombat to do it justice.

Amanda kicks the opponent to the floor placing it on their head and stepping back she begins to walk away as the ticking starts slowly and rapidly speeds up. There’s a struggle to take it off before the ticking stops… Silence …. Then the billy laugh plays and snap, their face is ripped wide open

The second fatality, could be basically anything, however I think it would be cool for Amanda to call in on the entity from the game were taking this version from.

Black spider like tendrils appear from the ground impaling the opponent before quickly silencing their screams with a stab to the head, and dragging then down into the ground.

Other/housekeeping stuff

I feel like Amanda could get her own stage like kratos did in mk 9, the stage could have other jigsaw traps as intreactables

For her character interactions I feel like she’ll almost be condemning listing their worst traits, for example condemning Raiden for his “weakness” saying things like “the bloodshed will Baptise you”

For her winning animation I feel like she could chain the opponent up in the shit room and slam the door shut uttering the phrase “game over”

For her ending I feel like she defeats whatever baddie is in the story of the next mk. And gives tests to the others, seeing kanohaving to cut his other eye out

Overall I feel like the pig could be a really interesting addition to the roster but tell me what you guys think?

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