TL;DR: Does anybody at least know *why* I can’t play KOTH with my mates on Xbox One? (I’m on Series S)

I bought MK11 for a friend & I so 3 of us could play and was beyond gutted (and pretty pissed off tbh) that our only option is 1v1’s with no spectator option! So we can take turns while someone sits in the menus or just does some random crap to pass 5 minutes. Fun.

I’m feeling punished for buying a newer xbox. I haven’t experienced a single game that has this problem.
I mean, come on, the entire marketing of Xbox is being able to play no matter what console you’re on! It’s honestly so upsetting that the Devs haven’t even told us why. 😔

So I’m just left here upset at the fact that just because I saved up to upgrade my console, I now can’t enjoy playing MK11 with more than one person without it being boring af for the one not fighting 😭 If I could at least know why, I can guarantee it’d be less anger inducing. I know this shit is hard work, don’t get me wrong. But why is it every other game is totally fine but not this one?

Wouldn’t even care if I could spectate. That’s all I’m really looking for tbh. Happy to watch. Just not sit in the menu’s while I hear them having fun

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