As always, if you have questions about this week’s character, or just looking to see strategies from other players who main him, this thread is your source. All discussions will be archived and viewable (as soon as I can get into setting that all up in tshe Wiki).

This week’s Kombatant: **BARAKA**

* How do you feel about your main’s matchup against him in Kombat League?
* What do you think is his best variation?
* If you main him, what are your go-to bnb’s?
* What’s a move that players often overuse/abuse with him? 
* Is he best in Kombat League, or is he’s a tournament viable character?

***Disclaimer*** *This thread is intended for discussions about competitive play. Any and all shitposting will be removed from this thread, as the purpose of a weekly thread is for players to discuss the character and their matchups. That means we’re not going to talk about “this character is so hot”, “character xyz is for scrubs”, memes, things like that. Let’s keep this discussion about playing the game, and how everyone can get better at doing so.*

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