When Scorpion comes back and bellows “get over here!”…

Why didn’t they then have him say in Chinese something like, “Oh, yes, I have learned many things in the centuries since you damned me, Bi-Han of the Lin Kuei, enforcer of Outworld [or y’know, something to that effect, but better],” THEN go ahead and have him switch to Japanese for the rest of the fight?

That way, the fact that he knows that ONE specific phrase in another language doesn’t come off as so damn weird, AND it’s a good dramatic irony comeback to when Hanzo couldn’t understand Sub-Zero or why he and his family were being slaughtered. ~Now he knows all~

What’s that? Actor can’t speak Chinese? No problem! He’s wearing a mask that completely covers his mouth. Have a voice impersonator dub in that one line.

I feel like that one little change would completely erase any of the jarring awkwardness of Scorpion only knowing that one phrase in perfect English.

All it takes is one more pass through the screenplay, filmmakers ;_;

They could have also had a 20-second scene where Cole is on the phone saying goodbye to his Japanese grandma, establishing that he understands Japanese. ugh

Lastly, did anyone else think the extremely dull Shang Tsung looked like Jackie Chan? I swear he looks exactly like him in some scenes.

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