My another playthrough in this MKP game.
This time I am playing as the MK2 Tremor. Because by “some reason” this one was not included in this update, I had to copy an update myself from IceCold Assassin’s upload of the normal Mortal Kombat Project.

There is one strange thing in my copy of this MKP game.
On my normal computer MK New Era with the fixed mugenhook.asi works perfectly, but when I try to launch it on my laptop, it crashes this MKP game before a main menu. It seems I need to use my normal computer to play it with a fixed mugenhook.asi file.

Also, I don’t understand why YouTube has started putting a copyright claim to my playthroughs for… a MK1 game over theme, which was put of this MKP game’s ending.

Am I a joke to you, YouTube?

You can download this MKP game here: