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WePlay Esports hosted one of the largest and most memorable events for the Mortal Kombat competitive community in late December. The WePlay Dragon Temple quickly cemented itself as a fantastic tournament to be a part of and to watch unfold.

You can also find what you are more interested in with a help of timestamps:
00:06 Impressions from Dragon Temple
00:33 First visit to Kyiv, Ukraine
00:50 Hairstyle
01:19 Start of his career
01:43 Time management
02:15 Full-time esports career
02:33 Sports Background
03:19 Entering pro community
03:56 Learning from Pros
04:16 Mindset
05:20 Strategy and Playstyles
07:04 Coaching in Fighting Games
08:25 Favourite Character
09:08 Zoning Characters
09:57 Rushdown Characters
10:27 Kustom Variations
12:03 Difficult characters to play against
13:35 Tournament Experience
13:43 Shout-outs

DashFight, as the official media partner for the event, had the opportunity to sit down with UK prodigy Tyrese “DizzyTT” Carl to talk about his preparation before coming to the event, his thoughts as he was getting ready to play in the groups, and of course, how does he keep such fantastic hair?!
Obviously, that is not all. Like explaining his path to the high level of competitive fighting games, for Dizzy, it included maintaining a full-time job and studying and his background on sport, which he was able to translate from one background to another.

Like F0xy before him, who coached Dizzy for a long time at the early stages of his career, Dizzy now helps coach others, but you should hear him explaining the process of improving and adapting to the changes of the game and scene over the years.

Dizzy also spoke about his thoughts on the recent changes in the MK11 formula of custom variations and how the WePlay Dragon Temple came at the perfect time to explore those changes in a full offline tournament setting.

So, what do you think of Dizzy and this exclusive DashFight interview? Let us know in the comments or on our socials! Also, make sure to check out our other interviews.

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