Mortal Kombat games took youngsters by storm as soon as they were released. People would line up in the arcades to play the game. In the initial years, fans were more interested in the backstories and lore of the characters. As time passed, Boon and Tobias started expanding on these backstories, which led to a possibility of live-action and animated adaptations of the games. Characters like Sub Zero, Mileena, Shang Tsung, Scorpion, and more had really demented and tragic stories that appealed to players and general audiences alike. When the Mortal Kombat film came out in 1995, many considered it the best adaptation of a game into live-action up to that time. The film felt like a long fight sequence from start to end but fans wished for more blood, bones and gore. Director Paul Anderson and writer Kevin Droney maintained a fine balance between well-choreographed martial arts sequences and a crisp storyline.