Disclaimer: I don’t hate the 3d era, in fact it’s actually my favorite era

1. Nothing really became of the characters from that era (other than kenshi) either they’re barely mentioned, (if at all) and/or got killed, I mean sure we all hate hsu hao, and mokap’s basically a joke, but what about blaze? (Sure he made a cameo in mk2, but he really didn’t become a character until mkda) what about netera? what about onaga? what about havik? all of the 3d era characters (with the exception of kenshi) we’re completely wasted

2. Console exclusive characters, if you have the ps2 version of deception, then sorry, but you can’t play as goro, shao kahn, blaze, jax, kitana, or frost, and if you don’t have the Wii verison of armageddon then you can’t play as khameleon, and the Armageddon one, really pisses me off, because it was supposed to be the last game, with all of the fighters, ALL OF THE FIGHTERS, not all but one

3. Bullshit kombo inputs (looking at you raiden)

4. Some of the feature in that era, only appeared in that era, (some in only one game) full 3d movement, konquest, and switching between different fighting styles? Only in the 3d era, funny advertisements for each character, and impaling your opponent? Only in mkda, chess kombat and puzzle kombat? Only in deception, motor kombat and kreate a fighter, only in Armageddon

5. The multi colored koin system, in mortal kombat Deadly Alliance( I don’t remember this being in a problem with deception and/or Armageddon) I get it’s there, to make you keep on playing the game, but I hated it, because at times it just felt tedious, having to do the same thing over and over, until I got enough of one type of koin however though this probablem doesn’t, apply to platinum and onyx koins, since the only way to get them, was through the mini games, that (in my opinion) is how things should’ve been for all of the coins, have 2 koins, ties to a certain part of the game, for example, have ruby and sapphire coins only earnable through kombat, and have jade and gold coins, only earnable through konquest

6. The characters that were added in the psp verison of deception (aka unchained) were copy and pasted from mkda, they never got a hara kiri or a second fatality (blaze didn’t even get one at all)

7. Armageddon konquest mode, got completely wasted, so the series could get rebooted

8. It ended somewhat poorly

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