The 2021 cinematic adaptation of Mortal Kombat improves in many ways upon the cheesy 1995 version, with gory fatalities true to the video games and much-improved special effects. There’s also more attention paid to Mortal Kombat lore, but with that comes some plot holes big enough to roundhouse Goro through.

Why is Liu Kang so bad at his job? What’s Sonya even doing at Raiden’s Temple, since she doesn’t have a dragon mark? Why is Raiden so inconsistent with his “interventions”? And how does this whole “arcana” thing work, really? Here are some plot holes in Mortal Kombat that everyone ignored.

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Shang Tsung’s plan makes no sense | 0:00
Liu Kang is very bad at his job | 2:13
Well, that backfired | 4:12
Sonya doesn’t belong there | 5:25
Sonya should’ve killed Kano | 6:47
How arcana works | 8:26
Raiden’s intervention strategy | 11:12

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