I’m sure nobody really cares but I’m curious what people think and I wanted to get my opinion out somewhere. These are changes that I would make to the movie mostly as it is, so I’m not trying to rewrite the whole plot or anything. Most of them are little because I had a lot of nitpicks, but especially with some of the bigger ones it could have been such a better movie overall. Despite all these, I really enjoyed the movie, but all of these things just stuck out like a sore thumb.

Overall plot points:

– Show more Outworld, simple as that

– Shang Tsung needed a better reason to invade Earthrealm early (maybe by command from Shao Kahn?) and the invasion should have been more organized (this is my impression of Shang Tsung: “Oh, I failed again, send another and another to die until I decide that I should actually go through with my plan instead of beating around the bush”)

– There should have been more built up to Kano’s change in allegiance. Yeah, he’s a criminal concerned with making money, but they made it seem like they were all kinda buddies instead of mortal enemies, and all of a sudden his actual enemy shows up in Kabal, and now they become friends. They should’ve made it seem like he wasn’t enjoying it so much, or built up real anger towards Sonya, rather than mostly flirty disdain

– The Goro fight was awesome, but was it logical at all for Shang Tsung to send his best warrior, a Shokan prince, to Earthrealm? Not in my opinion. Kintaro should have been sent instead. Side note: Goro looked really good imo, which I why I think Shang Tsung still should have sent a Shokan, but not literally THE champion

– Finally, Cole’s leadership role shown in the scene where Raiden takes them to the place in between realms should have been built up way more. Instead, all of a sudden he just has this plan and everyone listens to him. That scene in particular also should have been longer, with no montage, in order to better set up each of the fights instead of completely rushing it like they did. (I thought the premise of the scene, for them to also break the rules and kill all the characters, was a bit weak, but I said I wasn’t rewriting, I’ll let someone else do that)

Character changes:

Raiden – I really didn’t like Raiden in this movie. He was bland and hardly did anything in the movie except complain about the champions and put up a force field with his staff (which was, as we saw, easily broken). Imo he was too young as well, really looked nothing like Raiden, just a generic Asian guy in a hat. If I could choose, I would have made Raiden a bit older and more active in his role, given him more screen time – show us that he deserves the respect he’s given instead of just telling us. Also, they should’ve put a lightning effect when the forcefield broke, that would’ve been sick. Also also, his hat looked stupid imo, it should have been wider. RIP his staff

Reptile – pretty simple, I wish he was more human. He was cool, but for all I know that he was just a giant lizard from Outworld instead of a real character. I would have liked to seen more of a hybrid between full on lizard and human version of Reptile (with maybe a couple of lines), it would have been unique but still recognizable, and not having basically the same thing happen as what did in the original movie

Sub-Zero – I really enjoyed Sub-Zero, but I will say I wish they made him feel a little more human than just evil through-and-through, he became your average bad guy rather than an iconic character that was really just the one of Shang Tsung’s henchmen that got the most attention. It also didn’t help that his outfit looked like it was made out of rubber and it was really dark

Reiko – wtf was Reiko? He looked just like your average big buff guy, he had a hammer like Shao Kahn, and was pretty much an idiot with no lines who got beat up. If they wanted to add an obscure character, at least do it respectfully and true to how he looked in the games (I supposed the same could be said for Nitara but I thought that she was at least kinda cool, and had an awesome death). Jax also should have kicked his body into The Pit

Kabal – didn’t really think that Kabal’s dialogue with Shang Tsung was written well at all, but he was cool otherwise, and they made him look great

Shang Tsung – I had many of the same problems with him as I did with Raiden. They didn’t build the character up well enough, he was kinda just there, but at least he looked good in my opinion (although I don’t know why he was so dirty in some scenes). He didn’t command much respect, but at least more than Raiden. I think he should have gotten more screen time. Also, even if it was just one scene, Shao Kahn should have been there as well imo to show who he was working for and how badass he actually is, like I mentioned earlier

Scorpion – they built him up the whole movie, even opened with him, just for him to show up at the end. It was cool, but we needed more, maybe of him in the Netherrealm or something, they could have done anything rather than just have him be summoned out of the kunai. To make up for this lack of Scorpion, they give him the lead in the final fight against Sub-Zero, which should have been for Cole, as he is the main character and it was built up to the whole movie

Last, but (not) least, Cole – if they made the other changes I mentioned about him, that would have fixed a lot wrong with him in my opinion. But, the one thing that still stands out: his random-ass ability that had literally nothing to do with Scorpion, even though it had been teased the entire movie. While I thought it was cool, it should’ve had something more to do with fire at the very least, maybe being able to summon fire and create armor and weapons out of the ash? That’s pretty stupid, but so is having metal just form from his body. Idk, but comment ideas if you have them

Thanks for reading, comment any ideas or opinions you have, things that stuck out to you about the movie, or ways you would rewrite it to make more sense. I enjoyed the premise, but the execution was simply poor in my opinion

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