Tarkatan Bitesize Episodes are where Fantim and Yani come together to have short one-on-one conversations on smaller but relevant Mortal Kombat topics and news.

Tarkatan Bitesize Episode – Realm Kast’s MK 2021 Movie Spoiler FULL Review

Welcome to the Realm Kast’s Tarkatan Bitesize Episodes! On this episode, Fantim and Yani review the new Mortal Kombat movie with a full on spoiler filled discussion.

Hosted by FANTiM (@fantim)and Yani (@yanih7), both admin The Mortal Kombat Group (one of the largest MK communities, (come join!) and Yani also runs the Mortal Kombat Memerealm as well as the Mortal Kombat Dangalangs all of which can be accessed via the links below.

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What are your opinions on our conversation? Do you agree with our positives and criticisms? Did you enjoy the movie? What was your favourite part?