This Friday brings the release of Mortal Kombat, which the Warner Bros. brass are hoping will keep their winning streak going for at least a little longer. Indeed, Wonder Woman 1984, The Little Things, Tom & Jerry and Godzilla vs. Kong all managed to top the domestic box office in their opening weekends as well as scoring big viewership numbers on HBO Max, a trend the video game adaptation will be looking to continue.

Ever since the first trailer dropped, Mortal Kombat has been riding a steady wave of buzz and momentum, but the lingering question has always been how well it will fare with audiences who aren’t familiar or even particularly interested in the source material. The movie opened internationally a couple of weeks back, and the general consensus was that it’s a fun martial arts actioner, but the uninitiated might not be quite as enthusiastic as longtime fans.
MK Reboot Logo

The official logo of the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot has been unveiled, much to the delight of fans. What first began as a basic but violent video game concept from Midway Games has since exploded into a highly lucrative and extremely violent franchise.

Each new release in the game series still proves to sell well, despite now being in its eleventh iteration. By this point, fans expect each new installment to be more disgusting and gorier than the last, and the tongue-in-cheek absurdity of it all is arguably part of what makes Mortal Kombat so much fun. When it comes to the games’ adaptability into film, however, things have been considerably less successful. The franchise’s two feature films to date—1995’s Mortal Kombat and 1997’s Mortal Kombat: Annihilation—were both critical failures. However, the first film was still a box office success, thanks in large part to its low budget. Based on that success, Warner has decided to give the franchise another big-screen chance. A reboot has been in the works since 2010, but fans haven’t had much to go on and hopes of a trailer or even a release date arriving soon were recently crushed.

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