so watched it twice so far and must say it’s not as bad as everyone is saying. the negatives really being is they rushed a lot of things. my main points being with the villains really from the point of view of people who don’t know who these people are and might be seeing them for the first time.

shang tsungs power level is really underwhelming and his kill on lao really was kinda outtah nowhere. he dodged the hat like it was nothing and just kept popping up wherever the heroes were but we just see him as the leader of the bad it’s not really the caniving treacherous sorcerer he’s always portrayed as and never really felt like a threat, just their leader.

kabal was a really strong potential character and even went toe to toe with liu just to be killed by a dragon but was beating him up the whole other part of the fight until liu trapped him. i was really invested in the history of him and kano and their back and forth i must admit was actually pretty interesting but the payoff really was kinda underwhelming as well. he kinda just showed up and said money and kano left the other guys who helped him get his power. if he wasn’t killed off so fast i would actually be looking forward to him in the next movie.

mileena fans really don’t have much to complain about because this was a completely new take on her so if you’re mad about her in the movie you’re really thinking about the video game version of her and why she’s not her. i did want to see a rematch of her and sonya but i guess someone had to kill kano and it would only be right to be her. her death to sonya however was kinda ehh cuz she just showed up and shot her once and that was it for her. the part where she ripped her mouth open wider did kinda make me a little hype cuz she got the mouth that we all wanted her to have but then when she died it went back to not looking right again.

reiko and nitara both had equal roles tbh in this movie. nitara showed up gassed up by shang about how beautiful she was just to get sawed in half imo the best finisher in the movie like she didn’t do anything else except fly around and that was it and i don’t know anything about her lol. reiko was pretty much the same i was trying to envision what he was from the game but i can’t imagine anything and now i’m just gonna remember him as the jobber guy who just yelled ahhh in every scene he was in lmao. like can’t even remember him for a hammer cuz shao kahn exists lol. jax fatality on him kinda was ehhh i must admit but i guess that’s the only way he could’ve went out cuz jax is a brawler type of character.

reptile will never be done as much justice as he was in the first movie when he became the ninja version so it’s not really much to talk about and refuse to believe that was even reptile lmao.

subzero…. stole every scene he was in on this movie and made everyone a fan of the lin kuei even being the big baddie. his fighting style mixed with the ice was really dope to see and then everywhere he went freezing like he was a dementor from harry potter was even more interesting. i wanna know what they are going to do with his death cuz i’m ready for noob to be in a movie and i hope the delve deeper into why he hated the shirai ryu so much or if he’s just evil either way best character in the movie hands down.

raiden sucked in this movie and i literally could’ve watched this movie and not seen him once and been fine. i get what they tried to go for but he was not a god and i could barely understand what he was saying and he was one of the main exposition points in the story lol.

but overall not too bad for a prequel movie and def hyped for the next one with johnny. just hope cole gets killed mysteriously off screen before the next movie.

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