Since we’ll probably go back years of the Great Kung Lao’s time, we’ll need old fashioned warriors before the Special Forces were made! And thankfully Liu Kang has made a new timeline.

* **Great Kung Lao:** Since he’s before Liu Kang and the second Kung Lao, he’ll need his own identity. A shaolin spade as his signature weapon. In the new timeline, he finally defeats Goro. But events will soon change differently.
* **Knight:** We’ve seen knights like SC’s Siegfried & SS’s Charlotte. He could have a Shakespearean vibe before Johnny Cage.
* **Circus Performer:** Either an acrobat or a contortionist.
* **Samurai:** Before Kenshi, we’ll need to see a samurai warrior like SC’s Mitsurugi & SS’s Haohmaru.
* **Nightwolf:** We’ll probably see a female Nightwolf before Grey Cloud.
* **Serial Killer:** A psychotic killer before Kano.

What will be your ideal warriors from 5000 years ago? Also depends if there’ll be a Sub-Zero & Scorpion in the new story.

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