Decided to give him a shot purely because of Buzzsaw and his set-up potential. I mained D’Vorah since launch and a lot of matchups online just pound her into dirt as she lack some tools that abilities fill in but can’t be equipped all at once.

Lao on the other hand has everything he need in his base kit and can be played without abilities which once equipped make him twice as scary as he already is. He’s got a 10f, safe mid which can lead to a set-up for more offense and get his stagger game going or to a 32% combo if hit confirmed. Solid KBs and requirements and amazing movement with divekick. He has an amazing pressure game which is quite scary. Definitely sticking with this pick as he is up there with the most agressive playstyles in this game. Any pointers to his bad matchups/things to watch out for?

Still tho buff D’Vorah.

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