By MK species

Scorpion = Spectre

Noob Saibot = Wraith

Ermac = Soul-Fusion

Reptile = Saurian

Rain = Demi-God

Smoke = Enenra

Tremor = Human

Sub-zero = Human

Kitana = Edenian

Jade = Edenian

Tanya = Edenian

Skarlet = Outworlder (Officially), but by Rain’s interaction, she can be Edenian too.

Mileena = Half outworlder & Half Edenian (Hybrid)


I just to want to know, what’s the difference between Outworlder & Edenian? by Mk wiki, Both are mortals, but has more and more longer life span than Earthrealmer humans. Even they dont age that much or ages very slowly. They are definitely not humans by mk definition. Just one difference i got between Outworlder and Edenian that Edenians are more royal and sophisticated, but Outworlders are more like war prone barbarous type, despite this fact, no other difference. A lot of people lives in edenia and outworld, but they all are not termed as edenian or outworlder by species, i mean reptile lives in outworld, but he is Saurian, but Skarlet is directly stated as Outworlder by species just like Reiko & Li mei, same way Rain lives in Edenia, but he is not by species edenian, he is a half-god, who belongs to gods adobe, but for some reason resides in Edenia,but Sindel, Kitana,Tanya & Jade are true Edenian by species. Even some human lives in Outworld, despite of not being a outworlder, Like Kano & Erron.

***Am I missing any fact?***

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