What I liked :
Scorpion and subzero are the highlights of the film

Kano is fuckin fantastic

Action, fight scenes and the fatalities are downright breathtaking

Soundtrack is also epic

Kung Laos hat

What I disliked :
Story was meh and pacing was all over the place but then again the games story isn’t a masterpiece either

Raiden didn’t feel like a thunder god, he didn’t feel the “I need to consult with the elder gods” god. He does cool shit at the end tho. But the actor played it well

Tsang shung was the generic bad guy but tbh no one can top tagawas tsang shung

The movie had its issues but it’s a fun entertaining watch. Don’t go into the movie with masterpiece of storytelling expectations. This a pop corn flick with a small budget. And in that budget the CGI is pretty good. 7/10

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