Now before you all come at me I just wanna say that im not setting my self up for disappointment as I know what im about to suggest is literally impossible for many reasons and the only thing I really expect is maybe one more dlc pack and this is all just me making stuff up.

The (kinda) final dlc update for mk11 would be called “Mortal kombat 11:Legends” but the game would drop the 11 out of the title and just be called “mortal kombat:legends” this update would include A new story pack called “legends unite”, A new kombat pack called “Legacy of mortal kombat”, 6 new costume packs, new game modes, one new costume for all characters, hair customization for characters who show their hair, and a new event called “legends of the realms”

LEGACY OF MORTAL KOMBAT:this new dlc pack would include 5 new characters that would include:reptile(with the weapon he has on his brutality cards in mk mobile), ermac(mainly uses physical attacks/souls but also uses his axe from the 3d era games), smoke( with his weapons being kusarigana and him being the human version), havik( with his morning star as his weapon), and nitara(with her kamas as weapons)…the reason there are so many ninjas is because this(in my made up future) would probably be the last time for a few years we would see characters like ermac or smoke.

LEGENDS UNITE:the story would pick up after shang tsungs ending in aftermath(the ending would not be canon but this is just in an alternate timeline) it would follow havik and hotaru, fighting back against titan shang tsung and his invasion of the order and chaos realm, along the way they met nitara and reptile who are hiding in the chaos realm to avoind shangs invasion, revenant smoke who breaks free of shangs control and joins havik and hotaru, and ermac who joins the crew after being reborn by shang and freed of his control, the help raiden and fujin break free and get control of the hourglass for a few seconds, bringing back all the heroes and fighting against shang, lui fights shang and beats him getting control of the hourglass for the good ending, and for the bad ending, liu wins but havik gets the advantage on him and knocks liu out, getting control of the hour glass and making reality into whatever sick and evil thing he wants it to be.

6 NEW KOSTUME PACKS:would include a deception pack(deception jade, deception raiden, deception sindel), “kombat in 2021” pack(mk movie version of mileena,mk movie reiko(as a skin for shao kahn, so reiko would be ingame but as a movie skin for shao, and movie nitara) “the klassics always kome back” pack(mk3 scorpion, mk3 subzero, mk3 noob, with all the other mk3 ninja outfits in the premier shop) “Halloween shadows”(hsu hao kano skin, tiger sheeva, chameleon reptile, with khameleon jade as a separate skin) “kombat in late 2021” (mk movie jax, mk movie kabal, mk movie subzero, with mk movie scorpion as a free skin) and the final one “holiday wonders”(christmas subzero, subzero with a white beard, red and with color pallet, and a christmas hat, christmas jax, the one you see in the christmas kombat card, and christmas cassie, who is again in a kombat card)

New costumes for each character in the comments

Hair customization is pretty obvious, like catwoman kitana hair on normal kitana(stuff like that)

LEGENDS OF THE REALM:a new event every 3-4 months, basically a new tower in ToT that allows you to play as a new character not in the roster, it won’t be completely new, it would be like mkx rain where it would be some of the classic moves mixed with some of the other characters moves, however the design of the character would be different, for example takeda would be the first character and it would be some of his mkx moveset with a little bit of new moves and his design would be different so he would basically have an mk11 design without being in the roster, the characters included would be:takeda, hotaru, sareena, quan chi, stryker, and li mei

NEW GAME MODES:these would kinda be like fortnite where every 2 weeks there would be a new game mode on kombat league or casual online matches like test your might, tag team, chess kombat, get hit once and you die…etc

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