There is a YouTube video where he says everything including nicknames of players and stages. I’ve been using this about a month now, and it’s great. I may have misheard this, but I swear he said something he’s never said before anywhere or any other time in the game, even when this has happened before. I was playing as Sindel (completing the character towers) and when she did a fatality on Johnny Cage, I could have sworn he threw a quip in there. It didn’t sound like “Fatality! Sindel Wins.” I was only half paying attention, so I could be wrong, but I could have sworn he said something other than what he usually says, whether it’s him getting the Fatality or someone else. Has anyone else noticed some funny lines that he doesn’t normally say, once in a great while? Or have I just been playing this too much, and I’m hearing things? Pretty sure it’s the latter, but it doesn’t hurt to ask (most of the time)

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t so quick after all. What do you people want from me? I talk (type) too much! I know!

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