I’ll be going over a 6 of the of the returning characters and all of these have their place in the story.

1. The Crypt Hero (Descendant of Apep.): He is going to be the main hero of the story and since he is a hero he’s going to need a name. I’ll give him the name Opep for simplicity sake. Opep is apart of a prophecy he is the one to slay the ruler of Outworld and save the realms from merging. He’s going to use Shao Khans hammer as a weapon in a lot of his specials gifted to him by the Elder Gods. He’ll also be using a variety of the artifacts found in the krypt of MK11 to give him more variety. He’ll also be using a fighting style taught to him by his deceased father’s master who is…

2. Shujinko: He will teach Opep everything he knows he’ll also kickstart his journey to defeat the ruler of Outworld. He’ll play in a close combat style with swift strikes that do less damage. His speed will give him and amazing amount of combo potential being the only character able to combo uppercuts. His specials will include a powerful palm strike a flying kick a parry into a reversal and dash forward to close in gaps (this does no damage and you can’t block in the middle of it).

3. Onaga: Yes the Dragon King is returning. He will be the ruler of Outworld and he rules the land with an iron fist. He has recruited all of Outworlds races into his ranks such as the Tarkata the Shokan and the Centarians. He also has come to the liking of a new race called the Khans. Yes in this timeline there is a race called the Khans I’ll go in more details with that in the new characters. He has 4 generals that command the 4 races of his army. Golithra, Chimeca Khan, Shinjuka, and Maetara. He also has his 2 main servants both returning characters. He’ll play like a powerhouse. He’ll be big as hell taller than all the characters but not to big. He’ll be a powerhouse with slower hits that do more damage. His specials will include a fireball from his mouth, flying and going down slamming his head into the opponent, and him flapping his wings at such magnitude it sends the opponent flying back. I can already imagine his fatal blow. He’ll fly hundreds of feet into the breaking some bones on the way then doing a spinning upsidedown pile drive slamming your head into the floor.

4. Moloch: This is one of his 2 most trusted servants. He’s not to smart often having to be directed by his partner. He fights like a beast using bites sloppy kicks scratches and wild swings of his ball and chain.

5 Drahmin: Speaking of his partner time to talk about Drahmin. He is the smarter one having to guild Moloch on their missions. He will have his trademark mask and club but not being skined and followed by bugs. He will be an Outworlder and in no way linked to the Netherrealm. He hides his face for unknown reasons. He’ll have moderately long limbs to keep a bit of distance while attacking think of Scarecrow from Injustice 2 but less wild. He will be more susceptible to damage but he uses his range to make sure he doesn’t get hit much. This make his play style a complete yin yang with Moloch.

6. Stryker: He will be the main Earthrealm tie in. He is part of the Special Forces and will aid Opep in his quest. He’ll play like a mix between the original, Cassie Cage, and human Cyrax/Sektor using a variety of guns bombs and gadgets. His main combat style uses a combat knife and and tactical graples. His specials use his bombs which he will drop, his handgun, a taser, and command grab. His back grab will be a sleeper hold while his forward will be and armbar.

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