Gameplay of the boss Jade in Midway/Netherrealm’s Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks.

Jade’s moves:
• Square: Auto-combo
• Triangle: Staff Uppercut and Ground Smash
• Circle: Knock-Back Attack
• R1+Square: [Same as Square]
• R1+Triangle: [Same as Triangle]
• R1+Circle: [Same as Circle]
• Square+Triangle: Projectile attack
• Triangle+Circle: (Nothing)
• Circle+Square: Shadow Kick

Like Kitana, Jade is pretty basic on the whole, though much more viable. She has a four-hit auto-combo which deals okay damage, though it can be difficult to land the entire combo sometimes. Her knock-back attack is fine, like most others, and she also has access to a projectile attack, and a shadow-kick reminiscent of Johnny’s. I think she’s invincible during the shadow-kick, but I couldn’t say that for certain, but it’s one of her safer attacks so it’s not too bad on the whole. Her best attack is easily that crowd-control ground smash attack of hers, which can not only launch an opponent into the air and hit enemies around her, but can even be comboed. Indeed, Jade’s pretty decent at landing hits and avoiding them, but she doesn’t have any overly powerful attacks and so takes a ridiculous amount of time to kill even a few enemies. I always felt the enemies in Shaolin Monks had far too much health, and I can’t help but say that I feel these videos have proved my point, when even certain bosses struggle to take them down. Given that she’s fought in a triple boss fight however, it’s understandable as to why they made a little underpowered compared to some of the other bosses, especially she, err, doesn’t exactly last too long in the story. Shame too; I really love her design, and I’d even go so far as to call it my favourite, like so many of the designs in this game.

You could probably do a playthrough with Jade, but it would be extremely repetitive and time-consuming. Not one I’d recommend, certainly.

Up next, Kitana’s butterface sister.