I have just finished the entirety of the story mode to MK11 and I wanted to base this off the idea of the timelines resetting. I’ve also been watching a ton of Build The Roster by the youtuber Thorgi’s Arcade. Now I wanted this first part to be the main concept and my thoughts. I’m making this up on the spot which is usually the best way for me to work. I’ve planned out a few things like returning characters but that’s it. (I wanted to put fan creation.

This is gonna be based off of the assumption time has completely reset and there is a new continuity created by god Liu Kang and Kitana since it’s them I think they may accidentally remake some of the past characters but it’s not the ones you think of when Mortal Kombat is brought up instead of your Scorpions Raidens and Shao Khans you’ll have your Kais Tavens and Onagas which I have done for a reason.

I don’t think Liu Kang would revive the big names as apart of the normal universe, but he will revive his friends and allies as Elder Gods. These include Sub-Zero(Kuai Liang), Scorpion, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Jade and Kung Lao like in the ending of his ladder in MK11. The 6 realms will be the same Earthrealm, Outworld, Chaos, Order, Edenia, and Netherrealm (let me know if I spelt the last 2 wrong), also due to certain character I’m bringing back there will be bigger inclusion of the Order realm.

Let’s talk gameplay size. For the roster MK9 had 28 for it’s base roster and MK11 had 25. I’m going with an extended roster size for this so there will be 32 characters on the base roster boosting the amount from the last game by 7. 12 will be returning and the remaining 20 will be my own concepts for characters.

Finally is stages. There are going to be 13 stages 5 returning. 2 obvious others are stages I wanted in MK11. I’ll be making each stages seperate posts to go over the new stages so I can describe them in as much detail as I possibly can.

This is all I have for this one go ahead and leave suggestions in the comments I do read those and I will be going over returning characters literally right after this one. I reply to the comments I will actually use.

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