I was thinking about this for a long time and wanted to type something here about it and get some opinions from you guys/ the community.

edit: I just found out that mk tom Brady just made a video on it and they were also talking about it in reo’s latest podcast. anyways i’ll still try and make my points that i have.

Last year Tekken had dropped the long-awaited season 4 update and include a pretty heavy patch. The patch note size was 47 PAGES! Although it didn’t really fix the damage scaling, it did address some pretty big issues like fahkumram a little, added more moves to the game, and addressed low-tier characters like lars. This whole update was made during covid.

Following the Tekken update, we got our long-awaited ultimate update in which they were saying, in the combat cast, how it was going to change the game and flip the meta… etc. In this god tier (hotfix) we got 95 character-specific adjustments (excluding poke changes). Most of the character-specific changes were bug fixes or bans. The Funny thing about this is that most of the ” hit adjustment” fixes still miss or don’t fully work as stated in the patch.

Following our dumpster fire patch (aka a hotfix), on the 22 of this month SFV releases their long-awaited patch and actually fixed issues in the game that people were talking about. The patch size was 57 PAGES! hell, they even gave a paragraph on to why they buffed ryu the way they did.

If we look at each of these games and look at updates sizes and what they address; we can clearly see nrs clearly just doesn’t fix their game, even though we are on a similar update schedule to that of SFV and Tekken.

I’ll give NRS the benefit of a doubt since they had to deal with covid, but I’m not going to ease up on them too much because Tekken and SFV both delivered community changes and made the game feel like new while operating in a coivd environment. ( ill leave out the part that these companies are based in Asia which was hit the hardest upfront. Although they probably have already exited their lockdown status while we are still kind of in one)

With the lack of general communication and road map, im getting really tired of this game, and think a lot of people are too. Seems like the only time they will actually address things is when they want to dig into our pockets for another combat pack that has unfinished characters and sell it to us for 40 dollars with a re-release version of the game for 99.99.

hopefully, you guys understand what i mean. ggs

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