So let’s go through and see what some of your casting choices would be for characters who AREN’T in the upcoming film already.

A few potentials I thought of:

Shao Khan: Vin Diesel or (if they wanna go with the unearthly massive wall of flesh he’s sometimes portrayed as) Dwayne Johnson

Jade: Maggie Q, or possibly even Ming Na Wen

Nightwolf: Zahn McClarnon, or if they want to go for more of the “young Native American warrior” type portrayal, Forrest Goodluck could easily fit it with a little bit of Bulking.

Stryker: Bring back Tahmoh Penikett from Legacy.

Kuai-Liang: Assuming this doesn’t end up being who Tan’s character becomes, Iko Uwais may be a perfect choice for this one.

Sektor and Cyrak: Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian.

What are some other ones you could come up with?

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