Okay so as a casual fan, I know of Mortal Kombat, but I don’t know all the details, such as the rules of the tournament.

Forgive me, cause I’m sure this has already been asked before (hopefully I won’t get chewed out, lol) but what are the rules for the tournament?

If you win ten times in a row, you get to merge with one of the realms, right? Do you get to choose what realm, or do you have to merge with the realm that your opponent is representing? Surely there are more than two realms competing, given all the different characters who show up to the tournament, yeah?

And if you’ve won nine times, like Shao Kahn’s world has, but lose on the tenth tournament, that means their victory count is reset right? And whoever they lost to just what…goes home and comes back next generation?

Can someone break it down for me or provide me with a link or something, lol.

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