Probably been asked many times before already, but since I don’t know how to search on reddit correctly, I’ll ask one more time.

I was just wondering about this. I grew up with the first three games (MK1, MK2, and MK3), then I got a cd that had MK4 on it. Then I just kinda lost interest. I mean, i liked MK4, but it felt different when compared to the first three. Fast-forward into 2021, and the mainline series already has at least one reboot, several gimmicky installments (MK vs DC) and some eleven installments, with even more new and bizarre characters (a cowboy who shoots a gun instead of fighting? Yawn!). And now, the latest game has character designs inspired by the old MK movie as well as the original games (which is great, I think).

So can someone please explain all this to me, because I’m thinking of giving this newest game a shot but want to know the story – more or less – without actually bothering with older installments, at least not the non-canon ones.

Thanks in advance.

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