It’s been some time since I was uploading playthroughs, but I was actually been busy with MK4 | Gold Combo FAQ vids. If you guys are interested, you can check it out in my original channel:

I’ve spoke with Hanzo few days ago and he asked to do playthroughs on this version with the above characters in order to compare it to Arcade. I tried to show as much as possible differences.

Except for the obvious ones, there is also some delay in the ninjas Teleport and Human Smoke/Scorpion Spear moves. Also, the Spear sometimes is not visible on the screen, which may cause some confusion.

00:00:00 – 21:33 Nightwolf
00:21:34 – 42:38 Ermac
00:42:39 – 01:03:36 Human Smoke