Hi, English is not my first language and I’m doing translation of mk11 intros.. just for fun.

Kano already have thick Aussie slangs, but this dialogue in particular is difficult to understand.


Kano: If it’s tail you want, I can get that.

Johnny Cage: Johnny Cage doesn’t pay for it, Kano.

Kano: A scruple? Note the date and time.


As far as I get it, Kano is suggesting that he can get Johnny dat booty(tail), and Johnny is saying he doesn’t spend money for such “service” cause he is already a huge star, is this right?

But I’m not sure in what context Kano is replying by “scruple” and “noting the date and time”

Isn’t scrupple like a moral code?

Please, kind redditors ! give me some insights so I can share the magic!

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