I don’t play fighting games, but I’ve been playing MK11 with my girlfriend and we’ve both been having fun.

We don’t know any combos or anything, I’ve just been figuring out special moves as I go along. My girlfriend gets kind of upset if I try and pin a couple moves to the screen, because she isn’t interested in learning that stuff and doesn’t want me to “learn too much” because then it won’t be fun anymore. I totally get that – I’ve lost interest with other games when my friends start getting way better than me and I don’t keep up.

However, she has also applied this logic to pinning fatalities, despite me assuring her they don’t affect the actual fighting part of the match. She will also often remark that the “FINISH HIM” ending of each match was not finished in a cool way, with one of us just randomly punching the other. It’s silly, I know.

So, in the spirit of learning as little as possible about the game to remain on an even playing field with my battle partner – having done zero research inside or out of the game, I come here to ask: Is there any kind of consistent input logic for Fatalities, like a standard fatality sequence you can do for every character? I play a lot of different characters, and if there are any universal combos that apply to multiple characters, I guess that would be best to focus on. I just don’t know where to start.

Also – how do you unlock the easy fatality tokens?

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