Hey guys!

Welcome back to yet another Mortal Kombat video!

Welcome to yet another Mortal Kombat video!
Unlike my typical history of video, today Im very excited to bring you some more exclusive news for the Mortal Kombat!

Now It was last week were we finally received some news about the reboot of the Movie, that being on set photos of the actors In costume!
And It must be said that they do look very very impressive, so lets quickly run over the visuals first before we actually talk about the finer details of the film as more news has come out recently tweaking up some of the miss information that come out last week!

I am still pretty damn excited for this film, I cant help but be little giddy considering that we havent gotten a live action movie about 24 years now!
Now what are your thoughts on the movie?
Are you excited? What are your thoughts on the Cole Young situation?

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